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Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. (stylized as HELLA) is an internationally operating German automotive part supplier with headquarters in Lippstadt, North Rhine-Westphalia. The company develops and manufactures lighting and electronic components and systems for the automotive industry, and also has one of the largest trade organizations for automotive parts, accessories, diagnosis and services within Europe

A former employee says, "[Hella is] Severely micromanaged by Germany. More focus on reporting to Germany than US customer deliverables. Fires staff when workloads are low. Overbearing processes bring creativity and development to a standstill. Always announces record profits but the employees get none of it in terms of raises and bonuses." Huge turn over rate should send alarm bells, but upper management in US is powerless."


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Former Employee - Project Manager says

"* Management has NO Brains how to select an employee and how to judge them for a specific role. * Management dont know what R&R He/She has. Only you have to do everything. * Management has no clarity of their future. * Management is short tempered. They fire you same day being a big MNC. * Management is a group of friends rather a group of brains. * Illiterate managers are hired to look after skilled employees. * All employees works in a fear of losing their Job. * 80% of employees behave as their slave, then also they are thrown out amy day. * It will be the biggest mistake of your life if you join Hella INDIA Lighting ltd Derabassi."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"Too much politics , wrong management in India , only buttering leads to promotions , HR is worst"


"Partial management, no future,,,, strategy,...................................................... No ethics no open policy policy change as per convince"


"politics against local people, psychopathic director, spying others work, illegal training bond, stealing peoples hard work."

Current Employee - Embedded Software Developer says

"Very poor management , leadership is pathetic, even a 12 year kid is smarter than the technical oafs who sit in the cabins. Static approach, no risk taking, no projects and compare themselves to Bosch, Minda and other giants."

Current Employee - Sales and Product Marketing says

"You cannot share your ideas never .Work according the Technical head .You feel like you did nothing in your life .People thought process are very rigid and salary compensation is really low .HR will never help you to understand the company polices and no company induction .The higher management will never support your ideas only sales ,sales and there are no budgets to spend and explore the market.The passion is completely mission to create the market pull or end consumer demand and supply .If you are a highly qualified or passionate person never join this company .Your thought process will drill down and make you feel like duffers ."

Former Employee - says

"- HR plays a role of spying agency - As there are more local people involved in the admin, they act like they are running the company on their own and consider themselves as the ultimate Bosses. - No Professionalism - Even technical discussions will happen in local language and nobody will bother about the other participants who doesn't know the language. Moreover they advise you to learn the language. Even HR encourage to talk in local language. - Worst canteen food - No Transportation"

Former Employee - Warehouse Operator says

"This has to be the most dysfunctional company I have ever worked for. No leadership shown at the top level. No transparent honest conversation between management team. Point scoring and self indulgence. If you ever get offered a job here run a mile."


"Professional life and personal life are difficult to develop. In the moment when you start to have children the company do anything to resagate. Even there was compensations exclusive for men."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Very , very high employee turnover due to poor Management and lack of reacting to labor market conditions. ( > 50% employee turnover in some departments) No apparent long term business strategy. Cumbersome systems and processes. Was a good place to work , but recent decisions by mgt have changed that entirely."

TEST MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Not a stable company and their is no career growth. Lot of Management interference which does not give right direction. They need to provide training on latest technology."

Test Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I did not like my time there. The hours were terrible, they treat you like worker drones. The work was at times exhausting with the rate you have to keep sometime being nearly impossible to achieve."

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"All decisions are made in Germany. Senior management is comprised mostly of German expats. The way bonuses are calculated is NOT transparent. Work-life balance is completely NOT balanced. PROS: quite few nice people work there."

Electronic Engineering Technician (Current Employee) says

"Pick up falloff from production line (Product that has failed tests). Read the failure ticket. Replace that part or not (False Failure), document it in a spreadsheet, then put it back to the line. (No REAL analysis done). (The part is broke or not). Job is rework and data entry & (plenty of it). Dead-end job that goes no where."

Resident Engineering Manager - GM Warren (Current Employee) says

"Little design in US, too much financial accounting placed on engineers. Must respect company confidentiality. A company with US presence but only for application engineering support. Good manufacturing in US location."

Radar/ Test technician Intern (Former Employee) says

"Average place to work, minimal advancement opportunities. I was split between RADAR and electronics and neither department wanted to let me go so I could be hired on permanent for a specific position."

Kiz says

"I never received a tracking number or email. Literally nothing. I nearly forgot about my order of £50. I contacted them and I got no reply and after sending that email with proof that money had been taken from my bank account, I had again nearly forgotten about my order and complaint. I sent another email again and they jus replied saying it must of got lost in the post but my point is that I had no tracking information at all. I eventually got my order about 3 weeks after that email and both my items didn’t even come together and still had no tracking information"

Yvette Torres says

"This site is SCAM!!! Been 3 weeks and have not received my purchase. They haven’t had decency to answer any of my emails or messages on Instagram or Facebook"

ellie says

"Scam!!! Item still not received. Ordered 27the may. They ignored all my DM’s and email. Commented on post asking as last resort, noticed they’ve gone and deleted my message and other people’s comments asking where there order was and why they don’t reply. Money scavengers!!"

Demi says

"I placed an order on the 11th June 2020 which was delivery for 5 - 7 days yet I still have not received my order and it has now been 9 days been trying to contact via email and social media but have not got no response from anyone one very frustrated customer. I am yet to receive a response as to where my order is and why I have not received any update."

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